Sunday, 26 March 2017

26/03 Greenham Feeder

Not expecting much from the feeder nets (36metres) we put up additional nets (48metres) over quite a wide area in the scrub, include on the west side of the main car park entrance track. We captured just four Greenfinch, all in the feeder nets. One just after nets up and three at nets down. Despite quite a lot of activity elsewhere, mostly singing from the tops of trees, the scrub nets caught nothing. It was bright, warm, and breezy, the latter didn't help. All the Greenfinches were 1st CY birds, three males and a female. This species is the only one coming to the feeder in any numbers recently; other species visits being very occasional. I haven't bothered to publish last year equivalent, it's too depressing as the capture was 36 including nine tits, the rest being winter finches. I have not seen any of these at the feeder this year since October. I am glad the season is over, wonder what next winter will bring. I suppose the next big thing is nest box monitoring and the CES with general ringing in the meantime.
Sightings 35 Species: A few Golden Plover still about and we heard both Ravens calling. A dispute between Woodlarks increased the count from one to three. Several Chiffchaff were singing but no sign of any other resident summer migrants yet.

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