Saturday, 13 January 2018

12/01 Greenham Common

Location: Greeham Common, Western Enclosure
Session: 12-Jan-2018 07:45 to 10:15 hrs
Headlines: As it was calm, overcast, murky and mild for the time of year, thought I would ring the enclosure just to see what was there. Expectations were low and turned out to be correct. 48metres of net in three rides and intermittent lures of BC-CC-GO-FC, SK-LR, MP, RB song and calls played. We (JL, IW) captured three birds, all in the final 30 minutes before nets down. The capture consisted of: a new Blue Tit and Blackbird and a Goldcrest, ringed here 09-Nov-2017. It seems that the birds began to move out on to the heath later in the morning. Unfortunately I had to be somewhere and could only stay until 10:00-ish otherwise I might have stayed and captured a few more birds.

Sightings 19 Species: not much moving about, the Redwings appeared when we took the nets down.

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