Wednesday, 28 April 2021

2021 Nest Box Checking

We did the first round of nest box visits week no 16 (19th to 25th April). 135 boxes checked included four that had fallen or were missing since visual/repair checks March/early April.

Unused: 30 boxes 
Unknown: 47 boxes with nests being built, varied from a few strands of fresh moss etc (code N1) to cup formed (N4) and nest lined (NL), some of the last covered but eggs yet to be laid    
Blue Tit: occupied 40 boxes with 1 to 10 eggs all covered and cold (still laying), none sitting yet.
Great Tit: occupied 8 boxes, with 1 to 5 eggs, surprisingly few compared to Blue Tit but hopefully will increase at the next check.
Nuthatch: 5 boxes includes nest building as the make up of the nest of dried leaves (mainly oak) is obvious.
Alien Species: Tree Bumble Bees occupied 1 box and maybe a second. In both cases birds were still building and may kick them out.

Comment: Occupation is variable so far but may change as species currently unknown (nest building) are confirmed. There appears to be little coordination of effort this year with nesting stages all over the place, even within species, from nests just starting to clutches almost complete. 

(JL with KEL)

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