Friday, 22 September 2017

22/09 Redstart

We captured a Redstart on the 29-Aug-2017 at the Western Enclosure, Greenham Common.

It had been ringed elsewhere and it was a first year bird. We speculated it would be a pulli from a nest box scheme in the Northwest of the UK. We received details of the original ringing data this week. It had been ringed as a pulli on the 12-Jun-2017 at Locker Low Wood, near Hawnby, North Yorkshire, UK by Tees Ringing Group; one of a brood of seven

The map shows that we didn't get it quite right as the bird came from the Northeast in the North Yorkshire Moors Country Park. We don't capture many Redstart, only about 30 since the group started in 1967. This is a good record for us and gives an indication of where the Redstarts that pass through our area originate from.

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