Sunday, 11 February 2018

11/02 Greenham Common

We did an extra visit to the Greenham Feeder todays as a filler. 58metres of net in 7 rides were up by 08:30hrs and we captured just one bird a new Robin. Actually we captured two but the Bullfinch had "grotty foot" and could not be ringed. We decided we were wasting our time and it was a bit cold, and windy anyway so we took the nets down and  left site around 10:00hrs. As you can see from the list below there were few birds generally in the area. I am not sure why the birds have stopped coming to this feeder since the beginning of the year; it looked quite promising before. Maybe it is time to either abandon this site or moved it; the return for the amount of effort and cost is probably not worth it. There are three more matching visits to go to the end of the feeder season, perhaps then is the time to decide.

Ian's List: notable is the low number of some species; Blue and Great Tit,  Goldfinch etc.

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