Tuesday, 20 July 2021

20/07 Greenham Common

Location: Greenham Common Western Enclosure Week 29
Session: 20/07/2021, 07:30 to 10:45 hrs
Notes: Few migrants today, numbers bolstered by capturing some of the Goldfinch flock feeding on wildflower seed. We don’t ring many Magpies, not a species we target; bit of a handful when you haven’t ringed any large passerines for a while, what no trainees!
Present: JL,IW
Weather: bright sun, hot, calm,
Nets: 48metres in 3 rides of 18M, 18M, 12M up from 08:00 to 10:30hrs
Lures Audio: Warblers, Misc Migrants, Hirundine, Redstart


Sightings 33 species: Quiet on the heath probably due to the heat. A Little Egret flew along the treeline and the three Dartford Warblers flew into the enclosure but missed the nets. We found one or two Willows Warblers in the scrub to the south, but they were not responding to the audio. The Pied Wagtail is the first we’ve seen here since spring. A Woodlark showed itself for a change, they are usually here somewhere but don’t fly, preferring to run unseen, unless flushed.

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