Tuesday, 23 November 2021

23/11 Bagnor Feeder CES 2 of 8

Location: Bagnor Feeder Winter CES 2 of 8
Session: 23/11/2021, 07:45 to 11:30hrs
Notes: It was cold and dank for most of the session. We had two captures of 20 and 26 and unusually they were both towards the end of the session. A re-trap Goldfinch from Feb 2020, one of the last sessions done before the covid lockdown and a good number of Long-tailed Tits, all new ringing's. Looks like Blue Tits have had a good breeding season, can’t recall so many coming to the feeders, but Great Tit numbers down we think.
Present: JL,IW
Weather: bright early, overcast, and murky later, cold, calm.
Nets: 12metres in 2 rides of 6M nets one each side of feeder, up from 08:00 to 11:00hrs
Lures: Feeder:  Peanut, Black Sunflowers, Niger, Fat Balls

Blue Tit            ringed 21/01/2020, 09/11/2021x21
                         ringed Pulli 18/05/2021 box D11 (Mount Hill) x2, 02/06/2021 box A02 (Mount Hill)
                                               02/06/2021 box B02 (Mount Hill)
Great Tit          ringed 17/03/2020, 09/11/2021x3
Goldfinch        ringed 18/02/2020

Sightings: We were busy ringing so probably missed a few species. Looks like winter thrushes have started arriving in the Winterbourne valley, a bit later than usual.

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