Sunday, 21 November 2021

21/11 Snelsmore Common Feeder

Location: Snelsmore Feeder Winter CES 2 of 8
Session: 21/11/2021, 07:30 to 11:30hrs
Notes: The first session this winter when it was uncomfortably cold. First three net rounds had captures in double figures, then the birds coming to the feeder slowed. Notable are five-year-old Coal and Great Tits and one of the Blue Tit pulli captured was from a mixed Blue and Great Tit brood.
Present: JL,IW,DL,JHW
Weather: sunny bright, cold, breezy.
Nets: 12metres in two 6M nets, one each side of feeder, up from 08:00 to 11:00hrs
Lures: Feeder: Fat Balls, Niger, Black Sunflowers, Peanuts
Blue Tit        ringed 09/12/2018, 08/12/2019, 02/02/2020, 24/10/2021x7, 07/11/2021
                    ringed Pulli 25/05/2021 box CP25, 31/05/2021 box CP03,
                                         31/05/2021 box CP04, 02/06/2021 box B02 (Mount Hill)
                                         04/06/2021 box CP15
Coal Tit        ringed 05/02/2017, 11/11/2018, 07/11/2021x2, 24/10/2021, 07/11/2021x3
Great Tit      ringed 24/12/2017,  08/03/2020, 06/12/2020
                    ringed pulli 17/05/2019 box CP17, 22/05/2021 box WH14 (Winterbourne Holt)
                                       27/05/2021 box WH22 (Winterbourne Holt)
Marsh Tit    ringed 07/11/2021x2

Sightings: Ian’s list. A Raven landed, in the conifer trees to the north. Redwings were feeding in the ivy near where we were processing the birds.

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