Friday 15 September 2023

15/09 Greenham Common

Location: Greenham Common Western Enclosure (wk37)
Session: 15/09/2023 07:45 to 10:50hrs
Notes: Quiet today in the fog. A better variety of species than the two sessions earlier in week
37, but no significant passage numbers of any species.
Present: JL,IW
Weather: fog for most of the session cleared about 10:20hrs, warm, calm
Nets: 48metres 3 Rides, 18M, 18M and 12M up from 08:00 to 10:30hrs.
Lures: (BC-CC-WW-GW-WH-LW-GC-FC), (W-WC-SF-RZ-TP-WY), (AQ-RW-SW-RB), (RT-YB-GC-FC) intermittently.

Recaptures: (00)

Sightings (21): Difficult to see any but the closes birds in the fog. The Rook was just a shadow in the murk but fortunately was calling, there might have been others. Stonechat and Dartford not detected until the end of the session when the fog had cleared to bright sunshine. The Small Tortoiseshell was sunning itself on the gravel, flying up in front of the car as I left. 

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