Tuesday, 23 June 2020

23/06 Greenham Common

Did a session at the Western Enclosure this morning 23rd Jun 2020 07:15 to 11:00Hrs with IW. Put the wrong bag of nets in the car so had to improvise which was annoying as I intended nets up to be earlier than usual. Erected 12M, 18M(3shelf) and 12M(Gundry) nets, up from about 08:00 to 10:30hrs; no lures. One of the first birds in the net was the Woodlark, a juvenile not long out of the nest; six flew through the enclosure. Unfortunately it slipped from my hand as we prepared to photo it. 13 is about what I expected for a pre-lure session. Most were juveniles and there were no re-traps. There is no matching visit from 2019, must have been on holidays

13(13/00) 8 Species

 Species  New Re-trap Juv Adult
 BLABI 1   1
 CHIFF  1  1 
 DUNNO 2  1    1
 GRETI 2  2 
 LINNE 1   1
 ROBIN    1  1 1
 WILWA 3  2 1
 WOODL 1  1 

Sighting: 34 Species. The Raven was to the south circling with a Buzzard. The Swallows, scarce on the common this year, were also high up to the south except for a lone bird that went through south. Heard the House Martin, probably more than two but could not find them against the bright sky. The were probably more hirundine high up, the ones we found when searching the sky or flew into view when looking at other birds. 

Canada Goose (2) 

Swift (1)       

Feral Pigeon (3)     

Stock Dove (2)        

Woodpigeon (9)     

Red Kite (3) 

Buzzard (1) 

Great Spotted Woodpecker (2)   

Green Woodpecker (2)     

Kestrel (1)    

Magpie (3)   

Jackdaw (40)          

Carrion Crow (2)    

Raven (1)    

Coal Tit (1)  

Great Tit (1)

Woodlark (8)           


Swallow (6) 

House Martin (2)    

Willow Warbler (4) 

Chiffchaff (6)           

Blackcap (2)

Whitethroat (2)       

Dartford Warbler (2)          

Wren (2)      

Starling (30)

Blackbird (5)

Song Thrush (1)     

Robin (1)     

Stonechat (5)          

Dunnock (2)

Greenfinch (10)      

Linnet (13)   

Goldfinch (11)        


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